Recent Presentations

This is the archive is presentations that have been given:

SCADA  System  Attacks:  Dispelling FUD, ISSA March 7th, 2014

This talk addresses many of the myths and stories that many information security practitioners have heard about SCADA systems, and puts a fresh focus on where research into the security vulnerabilities are heading. A variety of reasonable solutions are explained, as well as what the USG is actively doing to address the threats at hand.

Total time: 1 Hr.


Wireless Security Essentials, BSidesDE November 9th, 2013

Instructed a class on wireless security fundementals and wireless communications with dragorn and Zero_Chaos.

“An eight hours-part tutorial and exercise with a focus towards Wi-Fi and RF detection, decoding, locating, sniffing, and hacking.

Part 1: Wireless 101
Introduction to Wi-Fi hardware, terminology, and common setups, as well as how to monitor Wi-Fi installs, WIDS/WIPS, and common risks.

Part 2: What the EAP?
Common vulnerabilities and attacking Wi-Fi systems with hands-on practice attacking WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA-EAP, and client systems.

Part 3: That’s no moon…
Wireless goes beyond 802.11 and 2.4GHz – an introduction to the world of software defined radio using the low-cost RTL-SDR device, as well as discussion about higher-end radio devices.

Part 4: Physical challenge
Find the transmitters we’ve hidden around the conference and crack the puzzles using the skills from parts 1-3

This year also included a FREE wireless essentials training class. The class was taught by a team of world-class instructors including Mike Kershaw (drag0rn), author of the immensely popular Kismet wireless tool, Russell Handorf from the FBI Cyber Squad, and Rick Farina, lead developer for Pentoo. The class covered everything from wireless basics to software-defined radio hacking. An absolutely amazing class. (excerpted from:


Total time: 8 Hrs.

Addressed for Success: Implications of the IPv6 Transition, The CableShow 2012 May 23rd, 2012

From law enforcement to web servers, the transition to a new Internet addressing scheme touches on nearly every aspect of IP communications. Find out how the IPv6 transition affects popular online applications, web server platforms and other online resources while getting a detailed tutorial in the forthcoming addressing protocol. Discovery points:

  • Policy-related issues associated with the IPv6 transition
  • The role of Carrier Grade (or Large Scale) NAT and how addressing works
  • IPv6 functionality required by popular web applications

Total time: 1 Hr.